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An organization uses the Previous Employment content type to capture relevant employment details of employees. 
What do you do to make this content type available in other applications? 
A. Specify a Subscriber Code for the content type 
B. Make sure it is a free-form content type 
C. Make sure it is a non-free- form content type 
D. Do nothing. After the content type is created, it is available for use in all applications 

While promoting an employee in the system, it is required that the HR Specialist is able to see the name of the next three jobs the employee can progress to in the list of values contained in the Job field. 
Which setup meets this requirement? 
A. Progression Job Information must be defined during job creation 
B. Job Evaluation criteria must be set up during job creation 
C. Descriptive Flexfields must be defined to hold Progression Job Information 
D. Benchmark all the jobs in the system 
E. Create an appropriate job set. 

You are required to set geography validation for country-specific address style. You have configured the application correctly, but users are still entering addresses in the wrong address format. 
What can be done to change this? 
A. Create a new geography validation 
B. Effective End Date for geography validation is end of time 
C. Educate users to use the country-specific address format only 
D. Set the geography validation level to Error instead of No validation 

As an implementation consultant, you are required to define a legal entity. 
Which three options are correct about a legal entity? 
A. A legal entity may act as a virtual organization 
B. Legal entities are not responsible for payment of social insurance 
C. A legal entity can own assets, record sales, pay taxes, and perform transactions 
D. A legal entity can be identified as a legal employer in Human Capital Management 
E. A legal entity must comply with regulations and local jurisdictions 

Which option represents the basis on which approval routing policies can be defined? 
A. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Grades, Approval Groups, Organization Hierarch 
B. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Job Levels 
C. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Job Levels, Approval Groups, Organization Hierarchy 
D. Employee Supervisor Hierarchy, Position Hierarchy, Job Levels, Approval Groups 


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